There is a shelf life in the air.
Now, just drink clean air every day.

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It just is not enough with the wind.
Overcome heat wave with cold ice wind

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Jet Booster wings release air from every corner of the house

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It just is not enough with the wind.
Overcome heat wave with cold ice wind

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Technology for better sleep

Sleep well-being science considering health the most significant

We conduct research on sleep mechanism by using our technologies,
and helps you sleep pleasantly and safely

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Technology for better air

Air circulation made by our belief and technologies

Micro water particles help maintain the optimum humidity even in wide space

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Technology for better environment

Caring space our beloved people breathe in

We care humidity and air cleanly and
safely at the same time without worries about germicide

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Bokuk Electronics stores

Stop worrying! You can meet reliable products of Bokuk Electronics anywhere and anytime.

  • Home electronic appliance for summerHome electronic appliance for summerWind improving the quality of air
    The only answer is to release the air locked
  • Home electronic appliance for winterHome electronic appliance for winterAround 40-year-history prominent technology
    High quality and reliable safety device
  • Interior electronic applianceInterior electronic applianceOur pleasant home
    Do not warry about germ, cleaning and germicide.
  • Kitchen electric appliancesKitchen electric appliancesDecorate your kitchen
    with Bokuk’s sophisticated design.
  • Beauty electric appliancesBeauty electric appliancesFast and easy hair style by using strong wind and
    coated hotplate Always being friendly

Happy Customer Center of Bokuk Electronics

Address for returning : zip code) 42718 #57, Seongseo-seoro, Dalseo-gu, Happy Customer Center Daegu, South Korea (Daecheon-dong 625)


Bokuk Electronics is

makes all the best for analyzing markets, conducting R&D, and establishing distribution networks to deal with demands of our customers quickly which are being diversified day by day.
In addition, we also make efforts to manufacture customized products through continuing developing products, and make a promise to become a company producing items based on delicate craftsmanship and the top quality.

  • Trustworthy companyTrustworthy companyWe always put the top priority on the values of
    our customers and pay attention to our consumers.
  • Trustful companyTrustful companyWe put ethical management faithful to the basics
    into practice, and provide the best products and service.
  • Sustainable companySustainable companyWe pursue the conduction of business based on
    reasonable and open mind.