Sleep care Electric Blanket
More refreshing sleep
The coziest and more pleasant sleep-care electric blanket through sensing human body and implementing sleep care technology

Human body-sensing technology

When it comes to electric heating, safety is the top concern.
Electric blanket of Bokuk can be used safety anytime and anywhere, and even though you forget turning it off, you do not have to worry about it.

Sleep-care mode

Bokuk electric blanket has sleep-care mode adjusting the optimum temperature to help you sleep well, depending on bedtime, sleeping-time, and waking-up time. Bokuk Electronics provides more refreshing sleep.


Washable technology

Bokuk electric blanket can be washable by preventing heat wires inside from being twisted,
with technology of pressing ultrasonic waves. Dust or foreign materials on the cover of electric blanket can be easily removable.
Bokuk Electronics has taken a step further from the previous ultrasonic waves-pressing technology,
forwards jump-quilting fixing the heat wires inside of the electric blanket more firmly.

No more worries
about electromagnetic
waves and allergies.

Bokuk electric blanket is gentle even to skin. It prevents dust mite, cause of allergies, from occurring through using luxurious materials and optimum temperature.
As a result, we obtained BAF from Allergy UK, the allergy association in the U.K., and have also conduct research on danger of electromagnetic waves which users are mostly concerned.
We use aluminum shied to help you have deep sleep safely with warmth, and heat transfer which can prevent waves of electric field.



Design of Bokuk electric blanket can naturally go with bedding with delicate feeling, and it is made of high quality materials, plush, which gives you warm and soft feeling. It is practical because it can be used all year around, such as thermal-electric blanket in winter and ordinary blanket on usual days, which means it has high availability.

Hot-water boiler

Besides electric blanket, Bokuk also develops and manufactures hot-water mattress. No more crude and big-sized hot-water boiler. Bokuk hot-water mattress has design of a pebble, and with this, we obtained a good design award in 2013.

Hot-water boiler