Breathing space Care
Caring space our beloved people breathe in
You can care humidity and air cleanly and safely at the same time without worries about germicide

Cyclone (humidifier)

Micro-cyclone humidifying-method forms very fine water particles, so it makes the particle even in wider space further and further by a vibrator, and after that, there occurs whirlpool phenomenon caused by wind blowing into the inside of water tank. Water particles caused by whirlpool make twister phenomenon, so only light water particles are discharged during rotation.

Convenient cleaning of water tank

Convenient cleaning of water tank

It is design as an open water tank, so the tank can thoroughly be cleaned.

Sanitary management

It is completely dried, so it can be used in a sanitary way.

Sanitary management

Motor (vacuum)

Its multi-cyclone method rotates dust inside through strong centrifugal force of 70W,
which means it has strong suction force even by absorbing both big and small fine dust.
It provides 2 in 1, two functions of stick and handy-type in one vacuum. Its light weight of 1.7kg helps you use it more easily,
and it does not occupy big space because of its slim size.

Air washer

Air washer

CARING SYSTEM washing air with water provide soft and clean air to the room again by absorbing dry and polluted indoor air and washing it with water.