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Our deep commitment to you

Technology for human,
Technology for the future,
The top goal of Bokuk Electronics
richness in life

There have been many events since its establishment,
but we have never stopped manufacturing home electric heating appliances including electric blankets, electric pads, and electric mats, because of your attention to our products.

Moreover, we have also made efforts to manufacture products our customers want to buy, by continuing developing products, which ultimately makes today’s Bokuk Electronics based on craftsmanship walking along one way.

Now we are trying to make a transition to the motto of "Young Bokuk" to take a step further towards becoming a company specializing in not only home electric heating appliances but also small domestic appliances to make our present innovation and originality-focused by changing our CI in 2009.

Company making our life pleasant and rich

Bokuk makes a contribution to the development of country and mankind through making continuous investment for rich future and happiness of customers and our employees,
and growing as an international company with global competitiveness with R&D, and precision-based management.

value-creating-based management
We, based on the management philosophy of customer-oriented value-creating management, emphasize values of customers the most, carefully pay attention to our customers, and ultimately want to be a trustworthy company with continuous challenges and a winning will.
Respect for humans and
precision-based management
Based on a philosophy of respect for humans, we carry out ethical management faithful to the basics, which is precision-based management including trustfulness and confidence, and try to maximize customer satisfaction by putting the top priority on our customers, and providing the best products and service to improve the quality of life.
Bokuk Electronics always pursues perform business reasonably and tries to make sustainable company through flexible and open-minded-business management which helps us actively deal with any circumstances we face.


Bokuk strengthens its position as a company specializing in small domestic appliances by increasing capabilities through intensive investment in human resources and technology infrastructure, and creates differentiated products and sustainable brands through diversifying strategies for its core abilities.

  • Strengthening core business
    • Enhancing competitiveness of products of core business
    • The top quality
    • Improving the system of company towards customer-oriented products
    • Changing CI, and strengthening our brand through enhancing the competitiveness of products
  • Entering into the global market
    • Exploring the global strategic market
    • Exploring new markets in China, Japan, Taiwan, North America, Russia, and so forth
    • Expanding market shares in the global market through making differentiated products, development of new products, and innovation of pricing
  • Leading a new business line
    • Leading a new business line by securing competitiveness of differentiated products
    • Establishing a new profit-making model through transferring to the health care industry
  • Practicing corporate social responsibility (CRS)
    • Returning some of our profits to society and reciprocating love of our customers
    • Practicing corporate social responsibility (CRS) through continuing making profits and providing employment

Our symbol contains the company philosophy promising warm-hearted living environment of our customers with a motif of ‘ㅂ (sounds like ‘b’ in English)’ the first letter of Bokuk,
It means that we try to raise life value through promises between Bokuk and customers, and with Bokuk and all employees.

Word mark is to deliver friendly and pleasant image into life of customers, and O and Dot mean warm space, global value, and harmony.

The red color represents richness in Bokuk full of compassion, and the gray confidence in Bokuk leading delicate home-electronic-appliance culture.
The colors of Bokuk are the first recognized one among graphic factors, and a part of our identity.

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Bokuk Electronics

#57, Seongseo-seoro, Dalseo-gu, Happy Customer Center Daegu, South Korea (Daecheon-dong 625)
Happy Customer Center 1588-8775