Air care Circulator
Much cleaner air
Air-care air cleaning circulator even by caring blind spots with strong motor technology


Bokuk circulator keeps pleasant and clean air by circulating indoor air locked up and down, and left and right through using straight-screw-based air applied with jet-engine technology of the aircraft. We have improved lifespan and performance by applying Ultra-Booster Motor equipped with Ball Bearing changed from the previous Oil-less Bearing. Moreover, the product also releases air locked in blind spots through adjusting wind towards right directions with the front grills designed as a spiral.

Z-booster wing

The previous round-shaped wing is changed to z-shaped one. Bokuk Z-Booster Wing circulates the entire indoor air locked, so there is no blind spot. The end of wing is designed as a z-hook shape, which helps collect wind to the end of wing, otherwise can release small quantity of wind, and make rich and quality wind.

Z-booster wing
Wind-made air-circulating distance of 12m

Wind-made air-circulating
distance of 12m

Bokuk circulator can form wind reachable up to 12m through the ultra-booster motor
and jet booster wing. The room temperature is kept in a constant degree by circulating
air up and down, and left and right automatically from the ceiling to the floor.

Minimum noise of 30dB

With strong wind and low noise, our circulator give both functions at the same time. The minimum noise is 30dB, just like the level of whispering. It delivers soft and rich wind more strongly and quietly.

소음 수치 조용하다 40dB 도서심야, 도서관, 낮의 조용한 주택가 / 매우 조용하다 30dB 심야의 교외, 속삭임 소리 / 거의 들리지 않는다 10dB 나비의 날개짓 소리

Temperature sensor

Many people use air circulators but they do not easily sense the change of the indoor temperature. It is known that energy can be saved when it is used with an air conditioner together. However, how can we recognize it' We apply a temperature sensor on the circulator to help users check the change of the current temperature with their eyes. You can check the temperature change before and after the use of the circulator with your eyes. The change in temperature such in a short time helps you check energy is saved.

Temperature sensor

Air cooler

Our insistence in air care is led to the creation of air cooler. Wish of Bokuk Electronics, "we want to deliver circulation of air and clean air" was the reason for the development of air cooler following Bokuk circulator. Air cooler helps save energy by lowering ambient temperature through cool wind passing through a refrigerant pack and checking change of the current temperature. In addition, a removable dust-filter can be washable, so it is efficient and sanitary.

Air cooler

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