Soft wind

Bokuk has always thought about wind from artificial fan-made to soft even to babies,
reachable further than a fan, and able to release and circulate indoor air locked.
We will give you an interesting story about how today’s Bokuk circulator was born.

Change in wind

Bokuk realized there is change in trends which is customers
who used to simply purchase home appliances have started choosing the products by seriously considering
all details or even joined manufacturing them, so we have changed the wind from the existing artificial fans.

Aircraft jet-engine technology

Bokuk has introduced technologies of air mechanics of aircraft jet-engine and ship propeller, and applied them to the fan, and ultimately manufactured much quieter and softer wind.
Taking a step forward from fans just washing away heat and humidity in 2013, circulator, an air circulator, has been released, which is the first item rotated up and down, and left and right automatically, in Korea.
Bokuk has explored a new market from a circulator usually recognized as outdoor purpose in Kores to ‘home circulator.’

Better life

Compared with the past, consumers do not just purchase or consume home electronic appliances since living space and consumption patterns have been changed.
They want to have much cleaner air, more refreshing sleep, and pleasant living.

Successful development of wing shape

Bokuk has seriously considered the core of circulator, which is wings making wind.
A newly launched 9-inch- and angular triplane-wing Z Booster Wing this year has more abundant air volume than the previous round-shaped wing, and it is created by taking a hint from z-shaped wing.
Wind from Z Booster Wing has high straightness and even makes wind in blind spots through circulating the indoor air locked.
Bokuk has successfully developed a new wing shapes which can make more abundant and quality wind by manufacturing the ends of wing as a hook shape and collecting wind,
which can be released a bit, to the end of wing.

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